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Shaun Michael Sabia Discusses Finding Additional Income in a Difficult Economy

Shaun Michael Sabia discusses his experience finding additional income in today’s difficult economy. ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL / The economy in the United States, and countless countries around the world is in turmoil. The coronavirus pandemic swiftly shuttered businesses and put a considerable percentage of the population on unemployment. While some simply sat in front of […]

Shaun Michael Sabia: Well Traveled Volunteer

An avid Mets fan and community-driven individual, Shaun Michael Sabia spends his time giving back to those less fortunate. Most highschoolers and teenagers like to spend their time with friends or playing games, but not Shaun Michael Sabia. After spending time with his high school band cleaning up the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he knew […]

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Shaun Michael Sabia Looks Back at Hurricane Katrina: How We Helped, and How We Can Help in Future Hurricanes

Shaun Michael Sabia still recalls Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago in 2005, and so many impacted by the devastation. Shaun Michael Sabia still takes time to reflect on the tragedy. Shaun Michael Sabia knew hurricanes are a scary event, capable of doing a significant amount of damage and potentially even taking people’s lives. The damage caused by hurricanes […]

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Shaun Michael Sabia Reflects on How Playing High School Sports Provided a Foundation For Leadership

Sportsmanship and leadership go hand in hand and sports enthusiast, Shaun Michael Sabia uses his experiences with both in every aspect of his Originally from Old Saybrook, Ct., Shaun Michael Sabia, a 2016 graduate of the Flagler College Sports Management Program remains a huge sports fan. Shaun Michael Sabia also considers himself to be a barstool sports fan of podcasts and avid social media buff. He […]

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Shaun Michael Sabia Reflects on Hurricane Katrina Cleanup and How It Continues to Impact His Life 15 Years Later

Volunteer Shaun Michael Sabia reflects on his Hurricane Katrina cleanup experience and how this and other volunteer work has impacted his life.   Fifteen years ago this August, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the city of New Orleans and its surrounding areas. Volunteers like Shaun Michael Sabia gathered from around the country and around the globe to provide aid […]