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Shaun Michael Sabia Compares Dillinger Days to MSG

Shaun Michael Sabia of Florida Reflects on Dillinger Days

Shaun Michael Sabia having fun while supporting the community

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Madison Square Garden is a great place to visit but so is Tuscon, AZ!

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Shaun Michael Sabia visited Tucson, AZ, in early 2019 to experience the 25th Dillinger Days Reenactment – a 1930’s themed cultural event. John Dillinger, a notorious gangster and racketeer, was captured in Tucson and the event was restaged at the Hotel Congress.

The event included whiskey tastings, premium cigars, appetizers, live music and a gun show for foodies and fans of the era. The proceeds of the event went to the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation, helping the community and businesses throughout the greater Tucson area. Shaun Michael Sabia was in attendance and a spectator of the reenactment. As a fan of travel, sports and volunteer work, this event was ideal for Shaun Michael Sabia of Florida.

According to Shaun Michael Sabia, Dillinger Days “was the best thing about visiting Tucson in 2019”. Not only do patrons get to have a good time, but the proceeds impact the greater good. Shaun Michael Sabia enjoys supporting these types of events. Giving back to the community should be enjoyable and worthwhile. Being able to come together to celebrate the unique culture, heritage and cuisine of Tucson aligns with the values of Shaun Michael Sabia of Florida.

On Friday January 18th, there was a speakeasy event that was well-received at $40 per person. The speakeasy included whiskey tasting and small bites. There was a $30 brunch deal available on Saturday that put attendees right in front of the action. These events and vantage points provided Shaun Michael Sabia of Florida and other patrons an awesome view of the entertainment. The reenactment happened several times during the day, giving people multiple opportunities to enjoy the namesake of the event.

Shaun Michael Sabia is a supporter of volunteer and charity organizations. He donates his time to these causes and has been a volunteer, including time spent cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina. He also took part in a mission trip to Haiti to help the citizens improve the quality of their lives. Shaun Michael Sabia travels extensively for work, which gives him the opportunity to sample cuisines and cultures from around the world.

To learn more about Shaun Michael Sabia Florida and his trip to Dillinger Days, be sure to look for updates on his social media pages. The proceeds of this event went towards the greater good for the citizens and businesses of the greater Tucson area.

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