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Shaun Michael Sabia Recalls UCONN’s 2011 National Championship

Connecticut Native and Avid Sports Fan Shaun Michael Sabia Recall’s University of Connecticut’s 2011 Men’s National Basketball Championship

Shaun Michael Sabia has always loved sports. Growing up in Connecticut, he loved New York teams like the Rangers and Mets, and also fondly remembers the comradery of playing on sports teams in high school. One team that Sabia always loved watching as well as Connecticut’s own UCONN men’s basketball team.

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But Shaun Michael Sabia doesn’t only have a passion for sports – he has also made it his education and his career. Shaun Michael Sabia graduated from Flagler College’s Sports Management program. Though he currently lives in Florida, Shaun Michael Sabia still enjoys re-telling the story of the 2011 UCONN men’s basketball team championship game, led by Kemba Walker, as one of his favorite sports events and memories.

Shaun Michael Sabia, College Sports Fan

When it comes to sports, the teams that Shaun Michael Sabia supports are local to where he grew up. Since Connecticut doesn’t have any national sports teams of its own, Sabia grew up a fan of the New York Mets and New York Rangers. But when it comes to college sports fandom, there was a clear choice for him.

Shaun Michael Sabia loves the University of Connecticut sports, particularly UCONN’s basketball teams. His love for the Huskies really solidified in his favorite memory of the 2011 UCONN men’s basketball team. He loves to discuss the 2011 National Championship team led by Kemba Walker that ran the gauntlet in both the old Big East conference tournament and then the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Tournament.

Shaun Michael Sabia Recounts UCONN’s 2011 Men’s Basketball Championship

In the 2009-2010 season, the UCONN men’s basketball team failed for the second time in four years to earn a berth in the NCAA tournament. But little did they know that the 2010-2011 season would hold very different cards for them.

Shaun recalls that during the regular season, team member Kemba Walker had three straight games with 30+ points scored, helping them secure wins. This helped them score a spot in the Big East Tournament as the number 9 seed. This means that they then had five games to play in five consecutive days. Not only did UCONN play these five consecutive games with no rest, but with Kemba Walker helping lead the team, they won, which means that they achieved an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament.

Sabia still marvels even after the five consecutive games to earn their spot into the NCAA Tournament, UCONN went on to win six more games in a row, their last against the Butler Bulldogs, earning them the program’s third national championship. Shaun’s favorite was UCONN’s star player, junior Kemba Walker, who was named Most Outstanding Player for helping lead his team to victory. Afterwards, Walker went on to play for the Boston Celtics and is currently a four-time NBA All-Star.