Shaun Michael Sabia

Shaun Michael Sabia: Well Traveled Volunteer

An avid Mets fan and community-driven individual, Shaun Michael Sabia spends his time giving back to those less fortunate.

Most highschoolers and teenagers like to spend their time with friends or playing games, but not Shaun Michael Sabia. After spending time with his high school band cleaning up the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he knew that it was his calling to continue giving back to others who were less fortunate. When he isn’t spending his time helping others, he enjoys traveling and sports.

Shaun Michael Sabia Travels the World

Volunteering with his high school band in 2005 to clean up the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, Shaun Sabia found his love and passion for helping others and giving back. Once he was done helping clean up the wreckage of the worst hurricane to ever hit the USA, he started looking for other ways to help.

Shaun’s passion for God and his church took him all the way to Haiti, where he served a mission trip. Here, he helped local Haitians to find the word of God and he was able to help where he was needed the most.

Shaun also recently took a trip to Arizona, where he enjoyed Dillinger Days. A celebration to the Arizona police department who arrested "Public Enemy Number One", John Dillinger. Featuring music, reenactments, and some of the best food in the area, Dillinger Days draws thousands of people from across the nation every year.

Most recently Shaun Michael Sabia took a trip to Ireland with his company where he enjoyed trying new foods and learning about the culture in Ireland. It’s clear to see that Shaun Michael Sabia has great taste in food and culture alike.

Sports With Shaun Michael Sabia Florida

When he isn’t traveling, Shaun Michael Sabia Florida can be found watching his favorite sports teams, the New York Mets and the New York Rangers. He is also an avid fan of Uconn basketball and enjoys thinking back to the 2011 tournament where Uconn beat Butler.

Much of Shaun Michael Sabia‘s love for sports came from high school sports. He enjoyed the fellowship he found in his teammates and carried the love of comradery and sports into adulthood. Shaun can usually be found tuning into a sports podcast or catching up on the latest sports news surrounding the New York Mets. Showing support for his favorite teams and players, Shaun Michael Sabia can frequently be found on social media reposting current sports news and representing his teams.